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Fingertip Oximeter

Alright for those of you who worry about your kids or anyone you love that has respiratory problem, you need to get one of these!My daughter Sybil (in the pictures) and all 3 of my boys have cold induced asthma. Which means when they get a cold they will usually have an asthma attack. They get tight in the chest feeling, have troubles breathing, heart rate goes up and they have an awful barking cough, that sounds like croup, but it’s not.

So I found this fingertip Oximeter that has a 5 star rating, it’s Amazons Prime Choice and it’s only $17.99!!! It comes with a nice black case and neck Lanyard. It’s easy to use and read. You get their oxygen level and heart rate.  My kids don’t fuss about wearing it either. They love it and like to watch the monitor for the heart rate to go up and down. It helps give me some piece of mind and helps me to know how bad it is and when to take them into the doctor. We have a nebulizer and humidifier at home that we use as well that is great at clearing the air ways for them. Hope you enjoyed and learned something new! Hope you are all happy and healthy!

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