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French Sisters Cafe’

If you are ever visiting Littleton, NH and want a good place for lunch, you have to stop by The French Sisters Cafe’. They have some great soups, sandwichs and lots of yummy desserts to try. We decided to try something new and different ……well for us anyway. So, we ordered the Shrimp Tomato Bisque Soup and Grilled Cheese Sandwich. Ok the sandwich wasn’t anything new to us, but the soup was, especially for my kids! I was afraid they weren’t going to like it.

To my surprise they loved it! It has bite size pieces of shrimp and the bisque was creamy. The kids dipped their sandwiches in and gobbled it all up! We didn’t get to try a dessert cause we were so full, but here in the picture below you can see the end of the counter where the desserts sit. Pies, cakes, cookies, truffles etc. It made my mouth water! The service was great, very nice lady served us and the atmosphere was pretty quite while we were there. 

It’s a great little spot, so stop by and try something new!


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