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Lets get Poppin!

Today was a make a treat day or 2……maybe 3. kids love to make treats with us so, I always try to keep that in mind when baking or cooking dinner. It doesn’t always happen that I let them help, cause sometimes I just need to do it. With older kids though it makes it a little easier to have them help.

So, last night we came home after having a wonderful time with some friends at dinner and decided to make my Mom’s caramel popcorn, hot cocoa and chocolate chip cookies. They loved helping with the popcorn cause we do it (according to my kids) the old way. Which means we get kernels and put them in the popper. They love watching the kernels pop into popcorn and pop out into the bowl.

After everything is popped we add our recipe of caramel sauce and mix it up. This time we added a little salt to it…really yummy salted caramel popcorn! The cocoa was made in the Hot cocoa machine (which is amazing!!) and we made our No Egg chocolate chip recipe that is here on the blog under recipes.

I love making things with the kids. It gets a little crazy sometimes but it’s always fun and a great way to spend time with them. We even like to throw some music on and dance. Kids love to help and be involved, so let them as long as you have the patience for it, cause I know I don’t all the time. Popping popcorn is something simple, cheap and fun to do with the kids. Try it out! Grab a movie, pop some corn and snuggle up with each other. Enjoy!

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