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Lots of Firsts

This is a fun picture, even if Quentins eyes are closed and it’s a little blurry. Some fun firsts happened yesterday and I have to share them!

First, Sybil is wearing one of the flower girl dresses that my nieces wore at my wedding. It finally fits ( well it’s a little big) but it fits and she was so excited to wear it. I curled her hair, did a little blush on her cheeks and some chapsick. We got her some dark blue tights and black church shoes with a little bit of a heel on them. Oh my! She was so excited and was dancing and singing all morning long. I loved it!!!

Ok, second it’s Sybils first day in Primary at church (which is where the kids go either after and before class). They sang songs, did an activity, had a short little lesson and she had a ball! She said her favorite part was singing songs. Her teacher said she did great!

Third, this is the first and only year all 4 kids will be in Primary together! Dave and I couldn’t believe that it’s Quentin’s last year in Primary. At the age of 12 they get to go to Young Mens and have activity days during the week after school. Our little Q-ball just turned 11 and is growing up way to fast!!!

This was a fun personal family event that we wanted to share with you all and I hope you enjoyed šŸ™‚


2 thoughts on “Lots of Firsts

  1. Ah, our little Sunbeam! In more ways than one!

    1. I know! She is one happy girl……as long as she is not hungry šŸ˜‰

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