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Biore’ Charcoal Stripes

Alright so I have seen these Charcoal masks and pads for awhile and always wanted to try it. So, I finally decided it was time. It was fun to do with my daughter Sybie and I think she thought it was fun too.

Here we are waiting to peel them off. They were easy to put on but pulling them off hurt a little bit. Beauty is pain, right? Hahahaha Instructions said to wet nose area and put strip on. Wait 10-15 minutes and then peel them off.

I had a video of the whole thing but still trying to figure out how to post it. The end result was cool. Both Sybie and I had lots of white bacteria stuff on our charcoal pads. My pores look better even though there were still some black heads. I might try it again tonight or tomorrow morning and see how it goes.

If you’re looking for one to try, try the Biore’ kind to start. There might be better ones but these are cheap and you can find them at Walmart or Amazon. Enjoy!

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