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Blue, White, and Gold Sparkle

This is such a cheap and easy craft and I enjoyed making it. I found the board at Walmart for $2.97. I already had the paint, but bought some brushes for $.98 and the wooden “N” for $1.97. I had the glitter already too.

This is what I used. Plain white and True Navy blue color. These are maybe $2-$3 each, not positive but something like.

So first I did the “N” and just used clear glue. I used a paint brush so brush the glue all over the “N” with a sheet of paper underneath. Then I poured the glitter all over it. Waited an hour to make such it was dry. Then I used a glue gun to glue it onto the blue and white board that I painted while waiting for the “N” to dry. I stacked some heavy books on top and  I had that sit for 2 or 3 hrs.

There you have it, the finished project. Great for anywhere in the house or maybe on the front door. This is going to be going into our bathroom once I get it painted.

Projects don’t have to be long and complicated. Some can be simple.

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