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Darling Hill

I have recently learned that Darling hill up in Burke, VT is named after the Darling family, as in the Darling family in the story Peter Pan. They came here from England and purchased a bunch of land and brought the railroad through this area. I learned this after having dinner at some new friends home. They live right on top of it and have a beautiful home with a breathtaking view.

Most of these pictures are from the drive up to their home. They are a bit blurry because we were driving, and I wish I had a better camera. I love how the snow sticks to the tree branches and creates a winter wonderland.

Someone needs to show me how to edit pictures as well. Something new to learn!

This is so cool to me, to learn of Darling Hill and where the name comes from. As a child my cousin Megan and I loved Peter Pan and would pretend play Peter and Wendy all the time! She had this great Pan hat she got from Disneyland and we always made her little sister Mindy Tinker Bell. We would run around outside pretending to fly, the play house in the basement was Wendy’s house and the jungle gym was Peter’s hideout. So many fun memories!

This is one of the views from our friends home. They live off the grid which sounds kinda fun to me, but in reality I know I couldn’t do it. So much work goes into living off the grid.

Burke is also a great place for skiing, biking and has the most beautiful Farm/Inn called The Mountain View Farm. They have this trail leading out to a hill and as you get to the top of the hill you can see forever, very beautiful!

If you’re ever in Burke, VT remember to stop and see Darling Hill, especially in the fall!

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