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Dried Apples

Our new favorite simple treat is apple chips! They are healthy, crunchy and so good for you. Dave got me this Food Dryer for Christmas and this is our first time trying it out with apples. I used gala apples cause, that is what was cheap at the store right now. My kids love them and it’s a great way for them to eat healthy.

Mine came with 4 trays but you can always buy more. They have some flat ones for doing fruit leather which I will be trying soon! I love that I can cut up the apples in slices, put them on the tray, turn it on and leave it. So simple! I did these ones over night, which is awesome. You wake up to a healthy snack ready to eat!

This is me after my morning cardio workout with sugarpop videos on These two slices got stuck together…double yummy! If you are interested in a Food Dryer click on the link below to view some on amazon. Simple, yummy, and healthy. Enjoy 🙂

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