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Warming up in New Hampshire

It is getting warm here in New Hampshire. For the past month we have been freezing in negative temps. I think the worse was -30, BURRRR!!!!! But this week we have been warming up into the 20’s, the 30’s and if we are lucky we might hit the 40’s. Today the high was 32 degrees and so here in New Hampshire that meant it was time to get out and get some sun.

If you can’t tell in the first picture, that’s me sun bathing in the warmth of the sun as Dave shovels off 2ft of snow from the roof. Yep, I got my cute purple suit on and I am relaxing, catching some rays.

Seriously though it is crazy how 32 degrees feels so good compared to -30. I felt like taking the kids out and playing some basketball or soccer. It felt so good to be so warm!!! Although kicking a soccer ball in 2ft of snow wouldn’t really work 😉 I learned the other day that I need to be giving the family vitamin D supplements during the winter, cause we don’t get a lot of sun here. Pretty crazy!

I hope you enjoyed this and had a good laugh, cause we sure did! Stay warm!


4 thoughts on “Warming up in New Hampshire

  1. Blue skies and sunshine do wonders for the soul! The vitamin D is a great idea, I just talked to Dr. Andy about it, I’ve been taking it for years.

    1. I wouldn’t of ever thought of it, but then I remembered we had to supplement Quentin in Oregon with vitamin D.

  2. Bahaha the purple suit! Love it!

    1. Hahaha, thanks!

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