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Bath, New Hampshire

As I drove to Walmart today, I passed through a little town called Bath. It’s not big at all and has 2 maybe 3 little stores on main st. with a restaurant that is only open during the summer months. It has a few homes on main st. but most are out in the woods of this town. It has a sweet little white church and a bridge that I swear is going to break every time I drive over it in our black suburban.

I wanted to post these so I could see the difference between now, a dead cold winter, and what the summer months will bring.

I wish I got a better shot of this house and the ones next to it. They are the cutest homes on the road just outside of main Bath. Next time I will have to stop and get out to take pictures.

This is an old railroad bridge, that is not used anymore. I wonder if kids play on it in the summer or not? it’s right over the Ammonoosuc river.

Well it will be fun to take the same pictures this summer and write more about this little place here in New Hampshire.


2 thoughts on “Bath, New Hampshire

  1. Great shots!

    1. Thanks, I was driving and blindly taking them 🙂

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