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Vase wall Hanging

I am very happy with the way this turned out! I went an easier way of doing it but I also think it was worth it. So first you need the materials, which are:

2 boards

wire ( one pack is good)

flowers/plants or even lanterns of your choice.

2 sticky hooks

2 canning jars (if doing flowers/plants)


So first I took the jar and wrapped the wire around it twice, then cutting it.

After I took about 1/3 of the wire and made a loop by twisting it.

After that, I took the rest of the wire and wrapped it around to the other side and made another loop.

Then take whatever wire is left and wrap it around to the back of the jar and twist together tight.

use some needle nose pliers to cut if you have extra or to smooth the end.

Now take another piece of wire and measure over the top of the jar with flowers in side to see the length you will need. Then wrap the ends of that wire around the loops tightly.

Now you want to get your sticky hook and apply it to the wooden board.

Now you’re ready to hang your board on the wall and the jar of flowers

Here I have it hanging on the wall. It’s so simple and pretty, I love it!

My kids were watching Captain Underpants movie so, I couldn’t get a great shot of the two of them beside the t.v. In fact after seeing this picture I feel like the guy face palming, doh!

You could totally add more to this if you wanted to, I personally like things simple but they could be really cute in any home. I have seen this done with lanterns and that is really cute too!

Have fun and I hope you enjoyed!

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