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Party Dessert Pan

OK, this was a fun dessert thing to make. Kind of hard though. I some trouble keeping the graham crackers up and together but other then that it was great. The pieces in the middle that has four different sides were THE BEST! So yummy! The crust cooked nicely and it worked to not have parchment paper on the bottom. I just used a non stick pan.

We decided to do chocolate chip cookies, smore’s, M&M cookies, cheese cake, cherry pie and apple pie. Next time I think instead of two cookies I will make one be brownies. A little more variety 🙂

For the cookie recipes I used my No Egg recipe that is here on the blog. Before adding chocolate chips or M&M’s I divided the dough and then added them in.

The s’mores I did graham crackers, chocolate bar with marsh mellows on top.

The cheese cake was actually a no-bake box mix. I followed directions on the box and refridgerated for 30 mins. Put a layer of graham crackers down with cheese cake on top.

The pies where just a store bought pie crust that I laid down and poured pie fillings on top. Make sure with extra pie crust you make a wall between the two pies.

Tasty says to bake at 400 for 1 hour. I baked at 400 for 30 mins and it was done. The marsh mellows were a little burned and the tops of the graham crackers were to. Still everything tasted great and we ate the entire pan!!!

Hope you try this and enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Party Dessert Pan

  1. Fun, I just saw this the other day online somewhere, glad you’ve tried it out for me! We will be trying it in Utah!

    1. Oh let me know how it goes and what you end up doing for the different desserts!

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