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Sugar Hill

This is a little white church here in Sugar Hill, NH. It is the most photographed Church here. People come from all over to get a shot of this beautiful Church and surrounding area. I took this as I was dashing through the woods to meet some friends to go to the Boston LDS Temple for the day. My Mom who is a great photographer played with it and made it beautiful, you dont see the car door or mirror. It was such a beautiful morning and I wish I could have stopped and taken some more photos.

Sugar Hill is a sweet place, literally! There is Polly Pancakes restaurant that has the best pancakes around and yummy maple syrup/maple spread. There is a little store called Harmons Cheese that I love to go in and see what cute little things they have, plus they always have cider donuts covered in sugar for sale too! There is the Sugar Hill Sample Farm that I have not been to but here great things about.

The homes here are so great. Beautiful white colonial homes with dark green shutters, wooden fences, trees and fun decorations. People here in New Hampshire like to put candles in every window and light them at night. Not real ones but they put off such a pretty glow in the window. I think my Mom or someone told me they use to do that back in the colonial period to let others know they had a room for rent or a place to stay for those traveling through.

In the fall the leaves are so beautiful, it’s like they glow. If you ever come to New Hampshire make sure stop by Polly Pancakes for a great breakfast or brunch and see the area of Sugar Hill.

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