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Address Board

I made one for our home in Saratoga Springs on Key Largo Dr. and I loved it. It gave the house a little something to the curb appeal. It was a board that I put outdoor brown wax on and then spray painted the numbers white. There was a little jar on it to that I filled with candy canes during Christmas and flowers for the other months.

So first I picked out this great green paint. It looks brighter in the pictures then it actually is. It matches the shutters and where the windows pop out. I only did one coat of paint as well.

The N is from Hobby Lobby for 50% off so, it ended up only being a $1. It came black and I liked it so I kept it that color.

The numbers I spray painted them with outdoor spray paint.

This was a fun and east project, simple too! I love how it brings little more character to our home. Enjoy

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