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Friendly’s and adventures in Concord, NH

Dave had a Athletic Directors meeting in Concord today and Sybil and I decided to tag along. The last time I was in Concord, NH was when we were driving down to Salem, Mass with my parents back in October. The funny thing is the whole morning I kept thinking “I am so excited to go see Concord today, never been there”. After Dave’s meeting he said he wanted to go to a diner kind of place called Friendly’s..”Let’s go to Friendly’s for lunch, where your parents took us”. Yeah, it took me all morning long to realize we had been to Concord, NH before…Hahahaha!

This is the wall inside the Friendly’s diner, old newspaper type pictures and history of the place. It’s not very big either, but the food is good! You can’t go wrong with the Fish n’ Chips, Turkey BLT, or any of their burgers. I love their fries too, crispy on the outside but soft on the inside, YUM!

They have great ice cream as well. Some entree’s come with a sundae or ice cream cone. Kids get to choose fun soda flavors like blue raspberry, cotton candy, and strawberry. This is Sybie showing me the one she wants……she didn’t get it. Her’s was a fudge sundae and she didn’t like the cherry on top šŸ™‚

This is a quick picture of our food. Dave had a burger, me the Turkey BLT, and Sybie has grilled cheese with apple slices. Both times our waitress has been great and prompt. It’s a great place to get a bite to eat!

While Dave was in his meeting Sybie and I found the shopping center. I had to remind Dave after he saw the amount I spent that I really did put most back and only kept a bout 1/4 of what I had šŸ˜‰ We had fun in Bath and Body, Claire’s, walking the mall and Target (I haven’t been in a Target for almost 3 yrs!!!) Forgot how much I like their stuff, even if I can get it somewhere else.

It was a great afternoon. It was sunny and about 40 degrees. I just wanted to sit outside and soak up that sun! It’s been pretty cloudy most days since we have been in the new house and I find myself getting stir crazy a little more, but glad we could go out and have an adventure today!

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