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Home sweet Home!

I took these pictures a few weeks ago after I had finally finished cleaning the house on Saturday. Dave had basketball games all day and was not able to come until 7pm that night. So after cleaning the boys room and Sybils room, the laundry, kitchen, my room, both bathrooms, and vacuuming it was finally done about 6:45pm. So, then I walked around the house making sure everything was still some what put together. I stop and realized how much I love how this living room has come together.

I have grown to love the wood trim and floors. I still need to paint and add some dark green to it but it felt so warm and cozy.

I turned on the pellet stove and just sat. The kids were entertained with a movie after having some dinner and I just sat. It was glorious!!! I enjoyed the quite and the warmth of the fire for a whole 15 minutes.

As soon as Dave walked through the door, the kids were jumping up and down demanding dessert and the night went on like it always does here in the Nuffer home. Kids crying, screaming, chasing each other or teasing someone…..

It is just cool how one moment you move somewhere and everything is new and uncomfortable, different and cold, then the next you realize you have made it a home and its warm, loud, and filled with those you love the most.

Home sweet Home!

2 thoughts on “Home sweet Home!

  1. I love it! Beautiful colors! I hope one of these days I can come and sit and enjoy it with you!

    1. Me too April! That would be wonderful 🙂

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