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Utahns skiing in New Hampshire

Well we finally had a free Saturday to take the kids out for their first ski lesson. Of course I find some humor in this seeing how we are from Utah ( where the greatest snow on earth is) and all the great ski resorts like Snowbird, Solitude, Park City resorts, Brighton etc and we never went skiing until today…….in New Hampshire…….. Don’t get me wrong it was great,  just funny:)

Dave had talked to some people in our Church and in town about the where we should take our kids to ski and everyone said Bretton woods. They also told us to just take them to the “carpet” area where they can ski for free, and ride the magic carpet ride and learn the basics. Dave was very confused and had no idea what anyone was talking about…….”Is it a real carpet…….is  there a ride???? Turns out the “carpet” is the free bunny hill of snow (no actual carpet) and the magic carpet ride is the conveyor belt that takes them to the top. I had a good laugh as Dave struggled to understand why people couldn’t just tell him what it actual was 🙂

I am very impressed with our boys. They put the skis on and went. They picked it up so quickly! Quentin and Henrik even got comfortable enough to head to the top of a hill and go down as fast as they could. They learned how to pizza to slow them selves down and how to bend their knees and shift their weight to turn. So awesome! I think next time is my turn to put on the skis and learn………thats right I have never been skiing, crazy I know.

After watching the 2018 Olympic opening ceremony last night I thought “This is so fun and maybe my boys could really pick this up”. I can see it now Nuffers from the America team, ha!

I hope this is something we all can enjoy and continue to do as a family.

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