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Today my thoughts have been so uplifted. The sun was out and shining all day! It was great and such a simple thing, but it was such a mood lifter.

Our last snow storm was about a week ago and I don’t know how much we can take before we are digging a tunnel to crawl out of from the house to the garage. When it gets warm (30+) or there is to much snow on the garage roof it will fall and cover the steps to the back porch and garage door.  It’s a pain to dig out, but it is beautiful.

This is Sybie ready to play in the snow……actually we just walked around the yard before she was to cold. She insisted on wearing her brothers ski goggles 🙂

This is the backyard to the north of the house. Pretty with the snow shinning down on the tree trunks and snow. Shasta dog loves to chase birds, cats, deer, and the occasional wild turkey she finds in there.


Our sweet neighbors across the street are kind enough to come over with his plow on his truck and clear the drive way for us each time it snows. HUGE blessing! We have taken over several treats to say thank you. My moms caramel popcorn recipe is her favorite 🙂

We are currently not able to use the front door because the snow has piled up so much. It melts, turns to ice and then it snows again. So, we just you the back porch to get in and try to make a good path for the mail lady to bring our mail to the house.

The sun coming out today put me in such a great mood. Most days its cloudy and dark. I turned on some good country music, cleaned the house did some laundry and now I am ready for Spring. Which is sad cause we have at least until June before it will warm up enough for light jacket weather. We have been planning a trip to Washington DC and Philly (as the people say) for our spring break. Seeing all the great museums, white house, memorials, monuments, and hopefully some warmer weather!


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