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Valentines Day

Happy Valentines…….ok I’m a day or two late with that, but I wanted to write about our on going ons here in the Nuffer home. Growing up I always thought my husband should shower me with gifts and flowers on Valentines. Little did I know I was going to get hitched a week before this special day. So, instead of gifts and flowers for Valentines day Dave and I decided to make our anniversary the day we celebrate our love for one another…….”like duh”! We go out to eat and usually give each other a card or some kind of small gift. For Valentines day we would just do stuff for the kids. Although deep down inside I still wanted flowers or chocolate…..(one or the other just to be acknowledged ..a little!)

My good friend Ruth gave a talk on Mothers day a year ago and she talked about how much she expected to happen on Mothers day, but realized it doesn’t mean she gets to totally relax and be pampered. Or have the house cleaned for her or the dishes done. She decided that if she wanted to have a great Mothers day that she was going to make sure the dishes were done, or the house was clean etc. I think this goes the same for Valentines or any holiday and I have since decided the same. So I don’t expect things to be done the way I want unless I do it myself. Cause no one wants a grumpy Mom…..on any day, right!?!?!

So this is how the day went. I knew Dave was going to be working late and I wasn’t expecting anything from him. I did however grab some skittles for him the night before at the store for his valentines. The day was LONG! Sybil had found the valentines I had made for the boys and decided to eat about half, sharing some with our dog Shasta……which has not been fun for her the past two days….blah! So, I put my exercise clothes on and ran to the dollar store and grabbed more valentines. Rushed them over to the school and back home. I walked in and found dog barf on the kitchen floor…..nice. The afternoon I spent cleaning, exercised and helped Sybil, pretty normal. Then the boys came home. I had donated some money to the PALS (pta group) and the boys got chocolates and balloons (shown in the first picture above). Declan however was in tears and said he wanted a chocolate rose instead of the balloons…………..rolling my eyes and shaking my head at this point.

The rest of the evening was the boys fighting and arguing about their candy and where to hide it from each other, or my favorite…..who’s Valentine from a girl they liked was cuter hahahahaha!

I made veggie lasagna for dinner and they all complained about it which is weird cause it was a frozen Stouffers one and I thought it was great! Then I did the dishes, cleaned up a bit and put the kids to bed.

I finally got some time to myself and turned on the Olympics to watch the snowboarding. As I sat there I thought through the day and was a little bummed that it didn’t feel very special or that I didn’t get to spend some time with Dave. But to my surprise he walked in the door with a vase a roses. Even though I didn’t expect anything I think he knew what a tired, worn out mess I would be by the end of the day and how these would lift my mood. Sometimes you never what your going to get 🙂

I felt so bad, I usually make sugar cookies for the kids to decorate on valentines and I forgot. So, Sybil and I made some today. The boys said they didn’t care to decorate them and that Sybil could, which is kind of sad…..I guess they’re to cool and old now for that. Oh well 🙂 Hope you all had a good Valentines Day!

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