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Chore Chart, Kids

Alright, here is our chore chart. I love all the feed back I got about this, especially the one from my friend Heather Lefoll about paying her kids to read. I love that, but my kids already love to read. Sometimes I have to pull books out of their hands for them to listen to me 🙂

OK, so They have daily chores and everyday chores and yes one is to practice piano. It is a better reminder for me as well as them to do it. Plus I think it’s very important for them to do and learn.

I couldn’t find a spending sheet that I loved and I dont have much time right now to make one up, so I printed this budget sheet off from I use this for our monthly budget, but I wrote in earned, tithing, and then spending……now that I think of it I should write in savings too.

I love this print out from It’s a free printable so check it!

So far it has been working out very well. My oldest realized that if he did his chores everyday he would earn $18 a month and has been very excited about that. Henrik could earn about $12 and Declan $!0. I am loving this idea! My house is cleaner and I am not so worn out win, win!!


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