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Kids can get along with out electronics

I was so tired of having zombie children! For the past 3 yrs we have said no video games during the week, only on Friday nights and Saturdays after chores are done…or the house is cleaned. It worked pretty well, but I was still having troubles with them watching t.v instead of going out to play or just play with the toys they had inside on cold days. I even got to the point where 2 summers ago I would send the boys outside and say “if your thirsty, turn on the hose, if your hot go sit under a tree but you have to play outside for at LEAST a half hour (I know I’m the mean Mom).

Anyway, it has become such a struggle to get the boys to do their homework after school because they would just go sit in front of the t.v and zone out. So, I decided I have had enough! I am tired of getting upset. So, there is no more t.v during the week. I hide the remotes/ games/ 2ds’s/ tablets and there is no electronics on at all. I will admit it was rough at first, I think Sybie was seriously addicted and went through withdrawals. I mean major tantrums and climbing on the counter trying to find the remotes…….she was CRAZY! Boys were fighting too and laying around complaining they were bored non stop!

It’s been 3 weeks, almost a month and my kids are transforming……like back into kids πŸ™‚ They actually learned how to play with each other and build their legos again. How to draw silly pictures, read books and enjoy playing outside in the snow. It’s wonderful……..I mean they still fight here and there but I love the fun and laughter I am hearing around the house. I love this picture above. They decided to get twister out and play. Sybil was cracking up every time they fell. Henrik was the spinner and Quentin and Declan were trying their best to twist and stretch themselves.

This is a small clip of them playing. I was sitting at the kitchen table going through our budget, listening to Motab, and I looked over and just watched them play. Nothing is really happening but it was nice to see them all play with each other and getting along.

Tonight we had a battle of doing their daily chores and it turned into lots of tears and complaining. Dave and I were downstairs making dinner and just cringed every time we heard them fight and say something mean to one another. I told Dave “they have to figure it out and learn to work together, I am not going up there, I am not going to yell and stress out about it. It’s up to them”. I think it took about 45 minutes before they got it together and got the job done. We tell the boys all the time “those are your brothers, you’re stuck with them. They are your eternal friends”. I know I was a pain in the butt growing up and my siblings and I didn’t always get along, but now, they are my best friends, I love them and grateful to have 7 eternal friends πŸ™‚

My point it I encourage you all to unplug your kids. Turn off the t.v, hide the remotes and video games and learn something new, bake something, build legos, play outside, draw a silly picture, learn an instrument…..anything just unplug and I guarantee they will have more fun and make memories that will stick with them forever.

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