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Boston, Mass

There are so many pictures that we will just go with how they downloaded. This is the Lego Friends house, it was so cute. Inside you could karaoke and build with the girl lego pieces. There is a little kitchen place too. Sybie had fun in it.

Dave and Sybie on the wizard lego ride. It’s a fun ride that goes up and down like a airplane ride. Although it has bike pedals for each person to use……maybe it’s a stay fit thing here in Boston?

Dave and his Ice Cream obsession! It’s all made out of lego pieces.

This is the giant giraffe built out of legos outside of the building. Pretty cool to see and amazing someone made it!

There are two rooms with lego models built. The first room is the city of Boston now and back in 18..something. Here they built the Paul Revere monument, oh and star wars has invaded all of them. You see storm troopers, Darth Vader, Chewy etc, pretty funny.

This is the Boston tea party happening. At the bottom of the water you can see skeletons having a tea party with treasure πŸ™‚

Here is the city of Boston now.

This is at the Boston National Historical Park

This the view at the top of the monument. The boys and I climbed 294 steps quickly to the top before passing out and rolling back down πŸ™‚ It is a climb, but worth it. The boys got to the top before me and started yelling down the stairs “Come on Mom, you can do it….your not that fat”……right as some men passed me coming down, they laughed as I rolled my eyes and mumbled “I’m going to kill them” πŸ™‚

This is at the top looking down to the bottom!

This is in the museum. We were there for like a minute as we were hurrying to get to legoland on time.

The boys and I in front of the monument

The monument……294 steps up!

We saw a few things on the Freedom Trail, it’s like 5 miles long and with little ones that is a bit to much walking for them. You can pay for a trolly tour but we decided to walk. This is the Park Street Church down from the Massachusetts State House. Very cool to see and walk up to. There were so many people out and about so the side walks were pretty crowded.

Mmmmm, Dave took this picture and I don’t remember seeing it…….Oh Soldiers and Sailors monument in Boston Commons.

The Robert Gould Shaw Memorial. It is across from the State House and pretty amazing thing to see.

The ice skating rank in boston commons. We sat and watched for a minute or two. Be fun to do next time.

This is the George Washington Monument in Boston Commons.

Eating at the original Cheers. Yummy Clam Chowder, burgers, root beer and fries πŸ™‚ The place was fun atmosphere but kind of dark. Not a lot of light..(it is a bar), but lots of pictures and what not of the show.

Dave and I in front of the State House……….and the little troll behind me πŸ˜‰

Cheers building is behind us. The kids did really well on this trip. They liked all the monuments and reading about them. They also thought is was pretty exciting to eat in a bar………..It was such a nice day, 65 degree’s! Couldn’t have picked a better day for the end of February.

This is the staircase above Cheers.

I love this city for it’s buildings and streets. So amazing what they can fit in one spot! I loved these town homes too….again the buildings were so fun to look at. The buildings behind Dave are so fun and different. Driving here is a nightmare though. People crossing the street whenever and sometimes dont even stop to look, they just go. Everyone was in either buisness attire or workout pants. Strollers are called carriages and every Mom has one with her iphone plugged in playing some kind of rap music.



This is a better shot of the State House. It was so crazy to walked down the streets with the kids because there were so many people out. Constantly watching my kids and counting them every other second……lets see 1, 2….3, and 4 k got them all. In the Boston commons area some homeless man started yelling at Quentin and Henrik and scared them good. They stopped, looked and RAN! Hahahaha!!! There was another man in the commons playing children songs on his instrument…….I have no idea what it was but he played and Sybie sang along. The wildlife in the commons don’t mind people either. Several squirrels cam right up to the kids….I would yell and scare them away…..I really thought if I let them they would climb up on my kids and bite them or something. One just stared at me for awhile……..creepy! The pigeons….oh man you could just walk up to one and kick it…and it wouldn’t care. Quentin pointed one out when we first got there and I said “Oh yeah, a pigeon like Uncle use to have and race” a man turned around and gave me the weirdest look and walked away. He probably thought it was very odd for a person to race pigeons, but it’s a thing and you can make good money from it too!

There is so much we didn’t get to see this time, but we are only 2 1/2 hrs away. We will be back πŸ™‚

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