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Siblings Babysitting each other

I remember starting to babysit at the age of 11. I was in 5th grade and I would sometimes watch my neighbors kids down the street from us. I got paid and I enjoyed it. I would try to remember to do the dishes and clean up a bit and of course play with the kids. My son Quentin is now 11 and our doctor has said it would be a good idea to give him more responsibilities…like babysitting. At first I would go sit in the car for 20-30 minutes, then it became I would leave the house for an hour and after a period of time Dave and I got comfortable with leaving him in charge of the kids while we went to the temple and dinner or movie and dinner etc. He does a pretty good job, but there is always a mess to clean.

This is the mess from last night after he babysat while I went to a basketball game with Dave for the high school. Clearly the phrase “Don’t make a mess and clean up after yourself” did not sink in. We also found that the box of rice crispy treats had been half eaten.

This is Sybil’s handy work……..goes great with the gray:(

I don’t understand the clothes on the floor……no one was naked when I got home and the couch cushion makes for a great touch!

Now this is still fresh and I didn’t notice it until this morning, after the boys left for school. So…..what punishment fits this crime? Grounding them doesn’t work……..I could take away video game and t.v for this weekend, but those are the 2 things I can count on for a little quite time during the weekend. I could give them extra chores, but that comes with extra whining.  How can I get him to realize and take the responsibility to not make a mess?

What would you do or have you done that really sank into your kids that made a difference or change? Help please!!! Comment on the bottom 🙂

4 thoughts on “Siblings Babysitting each other

  1. I would make them ALL clean it up. Even scrubbing the drawings. But it most definitely will cause whining. I feel like that’s the only way for my kids to connect their messy or destructive actions.

    1. YEs, I agree and I didn’t make them clean it up when they got home….but they still don’t really seem to care….. not sure

  2. I don’t know if you pay him, but no pay if the jobs not done. $$ can be a great incentive!

    1. We don’t but that is a good idea

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