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My body is rejecting weight loss………but not for long.

I feel like my body is laughing at me right now…..”You want me to lose and get rid of all this comfy fat and give up sugar…….hahahahaahhahahaha, nice try”! That was me thinking of what my body said to me this morning as I got on the scale after working out and eating super healthy the past 6 days. Now, I know it’s not all about the number on the scale but it sure would help! I know I have lost some inches cause my pants fit a little better, but come on!!! Does it really have to be so hard? It’s like my genes are in on it too.

I am not giving up. I keep looking at myself in the mirror saying “I am way more stubborn then you are or will ever be, fat”. I love working out and eating super healthy! I sleep better at night, I don’t wake up 3-4 times. I feel better mentally and don’t lose my cool with my kids as much. My skin looks A-maz-ing, and I don’t feel bloated or sick after eating…….unless it cabbage:) I have more energy and think more clearly, I love it! But I want instant results…..and I can’t have them. There is no magical pill or diet thats going to help me lose 60lbs in a month or 2.

So, what should I do? Give up and give in or push on and hope for some results? I promised myself that I was going to start loving my body no matter what and I feel like dieting and exercising is loving it. I am giving it all the best foods it needs and limiting sugars and fat. I am helping my muscles and joints by staying active ………… I guess I keep going and keep loving it for what it is.

I know I am not 20yrs old anymore, believe me I’m feel’n it! As I do the workouts I know I have slowed down. I have to skip on lunges some days because my knees dont have it. I feel every sore muscle at the end of the day and can’t move. The other day I worked on legs and butt……..I could barely walk across the room or sit down without cringing, and yes I am stretching before and afterwards.

OH, If I could say one thing to my body it would be……..

To my body,

You may have won this week and made me feel like crying and giving up, but a new week is coming and I’m stronger. Thanks to the many push ups, AB workouts, planks, and squats, I’m ready to push harder and longer. I’ve got all the veggies and protein snacks ready to go, my water bottle is filled and my shoes are ready for more then just walk’n……I’m runn’n! I’m going make you cry like a little girl, and sweat til you ain’t got it anymore. I’m going to take everyone of those pounds one by one til you ain’t got nothing left. Your’re not going to recognize your self once I’m done with you. So, kiss this fat butt goodbye.

Love, me

p.s You feelin the love? I am 🙂


2 thoughts on “My body is rejecting weight loss………but not for long.

  1. I read that you should always talk positive to yourself as if you were encouraging a loved one, and you should be! I think wanting instant results is what we all want , but that’s not the reality. “Baby steps”, sometimes four forward and then one back. The key? Keep pressing forward, hopefully we’ll both look better come fall! And if not, your still amazing!

    1. I think that was positive speaking…..very optimistic that I was going to make my body change 🙂 Let me know what your doing Mom!

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