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Snow Day!

We finally got a snow day! I was so excited that I didn’t have to wake up early and get the kids ready for school. It’s such a work out to get my kids all dressed in their snow gear every morning. The kids woke up asking why we didn’t wake them up this morning, with the good news they cheered and jumped for joy 🙂

The Nor’eastern storm hit yesterday about 1pm here in Lisbon, NH but it didn’t start sticking until about 3pm. I have been trying to keep up with it, shoveling the drive way and walkway up to the front door. This morning I went out to shovel with Dave and there was only 6 inches….maybe. So, we shoveled and then Dave got up on the roof to shovel the snow off up there. We have had the roof leak in 3 different spots and thankfully we just got the estimate back from our home insurance who is going to cover the cost and fix it…..YAY! Until that happens we have to get up and shovel the snow off.

We thought about going skiing, but it’s going to be packed. The kids did play out in the snow all morning  and found a dead fox in the backyard……it was all bloody and gross. Don’t think my kids are going to be allowed outside after dark, first the neighbors tell us to watch for black bears in the spring and coyotes, and now we find a dead fox….yikes! We also thought about doing some other fun things but I think staying home and hanging out is what we all feel like doing. They have swimming lessons later today to so, maybe that will be the fun thing we do today 🙂

I spoke to my Mom yesterday and in Utah they were suppose to get up to 70 degrees!!!! I am so jealous, although I know it will go up and down like that for a few months in Utah til June. After talking to her I turned on a British gardening show on Netflix and watched it while I folded laundry…….I miss you warmth!

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