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One More?

This is my Sybie girl. Sybil Elizabeth Nuffer was born on April 15th 2014, on daddy’s birthday. Yep she was born on her Daddy’s birthday and we kind of planned it that way. I have the same birthday as my Mom, but since I got pregnant in July that wasn’t going to happen with me and her. So, we went for Daddy’s. It was a c-section….. so that helped to plan it.

After she was born I was done! My body and mind could not do another child. I had a minor stroke the last month I was pregnant with Sybil and gained SO much weight…..I was in pain. Even after she was born, trying to heal from the c-section and waking up to feed her was so hard. Plus the fact that she would scream every night for the first 3 months from 7-11pm. Nothing calmed her down, we tried many different things and had to just old her and let her cry. I swore we were done and didn’t want anymore.

About a month ago I started having dreams of having another girl……one dream was we were moving out of the house we are in now and my Mom was here trying to entertain her while I packed. Another was I was watching her and Sybil playing. I never saw the girls face and I would wake up feeling heart broken, like I had left someone behind. I know the risks of having another child and that it would really be a miracle to even get pregnant with one. I thought maybe Heavenly Father was trying to tell me something….

As I have thought and prayed about it, I have felt calm and haven’t worried about it at all for a few weeks now. I was out shopping for Easter and as I was looking at a cute stuffed bunny for Sybie I thought…..I am pretty happy with my little family. I can’t complain…3 boys and an adorable girl……it’s pretty sweet. I actually have never really wanted another child since Sybil. I love holding everyones babies but then think….I’m so glad I am done with that stage in my life.

Sybil is a doll and everything I hoped for. She is the best of both worlds! She loves princess, dress up, dolls, and all the girly things. But she loves playing cars, legos, video games, sports and trying to keep up with her brothers. She is a joy in our home!

Birthday buddies for life! And she is such a daddy’s girl, he is wrapped around her little finger 🙂

Happy Birthday to Dave and Sybil!




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