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When I was little Easter meant spring. Flowers coming up, tree’s blossoming, the air was warm enough you could go out without a jacket…it was great! Not to mention you knew summer was coming soon and that meant NO MORE SCHOOL! Our family traditions growing up was on the Saturday before Easter my Mom would cook up what seemed like a thousand eggs for us to dye. She would get the dye all ready in cups and set everything out on the table. Then we would all sit and dye eggs together. Well actually I can’t say we all did. I come from a family of 8 children, I was #7. So, the older kids were off doing whatever and I can remember  it was mostly the last 4 of us kids dying the eggs. My sister Abigail is so artistic and would make really cool ones, while my brothers Andrew and Nicholas would make crazy ones like batman, ninja turtles, scribbles or do some with like 5 different colors on them. I was simple, maybe draw a flower or a “Happy Easter” on them and then just dye it one color. I loved it, it was a fun time with those siblings…except when we would fight about how many someone did….it wasn’t fair 😉

Then that night my Mom would line the dinning room table with our Easter baskets, even for the older kids. They always had a chocolate bunny, jelly beans, Reese’s egg, and then whatever other fun treat she would find. My brothers always got a toy..I think and my sisters and I would get a new Easter dress. My Favorite was this blue butterfly skirt that came with a sweater that had a metal butter clip. I begged for that outfit for about a month and thought I wasn’t going to get it, but that morning I found it hanging on the chair next to my basket. I was SO excited! After looking at our baskets we would go on a Easter egg hunt around the house. I don’t remember ever having plastic eggs to find, I think they were all real hard boiled eggs…Anyways, for breakfast we would have our eggs (cracking them was the best as we rolled them into each other), sausage, pancakes and milk or juice. Then we would go to church. I loved getting to go up on the stand and sing a song with the primary during sacrament meeting.

Now as I have my own family we do pretty much the same thing. My husband Dave didn’t grow up with the same traditions. Instead they would go to his grandparents the Saturday before and have a big Easter egg hunt in their yard. I think there was a golden egg that had money in it or something so, everyone tried to find that one first. Then on Sunday after church they would go have dinner with his grandparents.

I decided a few years ago….I think someone said something in Relief Society at church about this, but it made me rethink the whole Easter thing. I decided instead of making it all about Easter bunny and egg hunts, we would make it more about Christ and the resurrection. So, we still dye eggs and have a hunt…even baskets full of candy but, I did tell the kids that the Easter wasn’t real and that we celebrate this holiday because of Christ. Surprisingly they were ok with it. I think Quentin and Henrik were like 7 & 5 at the time, but they understood and were happy to learn more about it. It has brought up some interesting conversations in our home around Easter time and when we are dying eggs and I love it! I love the way my Mom put it once. She said ” It interesting how even the world around us represents Christ and the resurrection. In the fall the plant (in a way) die, the leaves fall off the trees and bushes, flowers stop blooming, grass dies and turns yellow and everything is gone for the winter. Then the spring comes and everything starts coming back to life and lives threw the summer until fall again.” So, just like Christ he died on the cross and then was resurrected.

As I write this I am looking at the yellow tulips I bought at the store the other day bloom and open up. It’s exciting to have the weather change and to see and discover new things around here. I love doing little things for the kids too. Like when they come home I will have a little Easter bunny in a car treat for them to make, and tomorrow I will put a Peep in their lunch. I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter and gets some nice weather!


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