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Ok I haven’t said anything about this on facebook or even instagram yet because I didn’t want to start it and have it not work or be able to stick to it.

I am so tired of all these weight loss companys charging you an arm and a leg to use their products to lose weight… $400 a month……WHAT!?!?!?! I am so done with that. So, I went on my own I cut out meat for 2 months and lost 5lbs, but it slowly came back up. I thought “as long as I’m eating veggies I should lose weight right?” Well yes you should but there are veggies that have lots of carbs, carbs turn into sugar, sugar turns into fat and sticks to my hips! Also I was eating other cards like breads and baked goods. I also was working out 5-6 days for 30-40 minutes…killing myself and still no change. After I lost 5, I gained 6 back, making a total of 201.3lbs I was carrying around. Depression, sadness, anxiety were all at an all time high.

I was sitting on my bed after a workout, exhausted, and sitting in front of the mirror on my closet door. I was yelling “WHY CAN’T I LOSE WEIGHT”, determined I grabbed the computer and put in “Best weight loss program for women over 30” and this site called Avacadu came up. It was like an answer to a prayer. No big coast, no gross food to eat or shakes, no exhausting workouts. Just a cook book and a guide to follow for a one time $47 fee. I purchased and read, followed with more reading.

Long story short, I started following the guide and go for a daily walk. I am down 7lbs in 7 days. I buy and cook my own meals and follow the guidelines. Here at day 7 I feel great! I am not starving, I have energy and love how my gut feels. Never knew probiotics could play such an important part.

This is more of me writing a journal entry then a post, but I want to be able to look back and see how I felt at this moment which is AWESOME! This is round one and I can do as many as I need to get to my goal weight. It is still hard when everyone around me is enjoying a sugar treat but I know I will be happier if I stick to this.  Adding website if anyone is interested. It’s the button that says “HOME”.


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