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Sugar on Snow


It is an exciting time of the year around Vermont and New Hampshire as the Maple Farms get ready for another long season for selling their delicious maple syrup. This (the picture above) is a treat they have had for years when harvest the first batch of maple sugar. Maple syrup on the snow with a donut and dill pickle. The pickle is a little odd if you ask me but it was all very yummy!

These are from Braggs farm just outside of Barre, VT. The women who served us said to pour the syrup on the snow slowly so that it would make like a taffy texture. IT did and was so yummy. I love the cider we got with ours. Almost just as good as Cold Hollows.

The kids enjoyed the syrup and snow but that the donut or pickle so much. The donut was glaze. I thought it was fun and there were a few people from out of town enjoying it. All the Ice cream shops are starting to open around here too. IT’s still very cold, I think the high today was 34 degrees….which is to cold for an ice cream cone šŸ™‚

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