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Where to get Free Printables

For my new business I have really set up a nice office. I have my Silhouette, all the material, my laptop, and a new printer. For some reason while I was on pinterest the other day it hit me that there are sites that will let you print their prints for free….it’s GREAT! I am going to go through some of my favorites that I found and want to put in our home.

I love this set of 6 kitchen prints, they are so cute! I found these at, they have lots of other one too that are very cute.

These ones are bathroom ones that I like and will hang in the kids bathroom. I love the colors and the uplifting font and qoutes. These are from

I can’t wait to get my walls painted so I can hang these in the dinning room. I love the pretty earth colors and how sweet and simple they are. I think they will be a great accent to the room. These are from

If you know me you know that I have a thing for flamingos. My kids think it’s weird that they are my favorite and I tease Dave all the time that I am going to put the plastic pink ones in the yard. I love this print because again, it’s simple and sweet. It will be going into Sybils room. This one is from

Hope find something you like, create and enjoy!

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Chore Chart, Kids

Alright, here is our chore chart. I love all the feed back I got about this, especially the one from my friend Heather Lefoll about paying her kids to read. I love that, but my kids already love to read. Sometimes I have to pull books out of their hands for them to listen to me 🙂

OK, so They have daily chores and everyday chores and yes one is to practice piano. It is a better reminder for me as well as them to do it. Plus I think it’s very important for them to do and learn.

I couldn’t find a spending sheet that I loved and I dont have much time right now to make one up, so I printed this budget sheet off from I use this for our monthly budget, but I wrote in earned, tithing, and then spending……now that I think of it I should write in savings too.

I love this print out from It’s a free printable so check it!

So far it has been working out very well. My oldest realized that if he did his chores everyday he would earn $18 a month and has been very excited about that. Henrik could earn about $12 and Declan $!0. I am loving this idea! My house is cleaner and I am not so worn out win, win!!


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It was always there

This has been nothing but fun and something I feel like was always there…..inside of me waiting to come out. Besides the fun fonts and already once said quotes it’s mine, it’s something I created.

I was watching “Little Women” last night and this phrase stood out to me. I couldn’t get it out of my head and its such a romantic thing to say. Jo and Fredrick at the opera and he is translating what they are singing, and as he takes her hand for the first time he says this quote and it makes you want to cry. I am a hopeless romantic, ever since I saw “Emma” at my friends house back in 6th grade I have been hooked. Any Jane Austen story, the book Edenbrooke (I wish they would make it into a movie!!), Phantom of the Opera, An Affair to Remember, Oklahoma (the Original musical), Breakfast at Tiffanys, The Notebook………..I could go on and on.

Sybie and her unicorn obsession has been an inspiration. She has like 3 or 4 unicorns that she plays with daily, it’s so sweet and she calls them all neigh, neigh. I love that they are so colorful and bright just like her. Her personality is such as a unicorn. I remember when I was little if I were dancing around or singing my siblings would tell me to stop or that I was being annoying, and I think that really discouraged me from trying out for drama and singing parts in choir. So, Sybie does the same……always singing and dancing and I make sure her brothers know not to ever tell her to stop or that she is being annoying. Instead I tell them to remove them selves and go somewhere else if it’s bugging them. I think I will put this on a t-shirt for her. The saying is “Unicorns are awesome, I am awesome, therefore I am a unicorn”.

I can tell right now that these farmhouse quotes are going to be all over my house, I LOVE THEM!!! The next step with these if figuring out how to make them really big for my kitchen wall. Something I have wanted for awhile but could never find one I liked enough to pay for. Now I have! 🙂

I love this Laundry one, defiantly SELF SERVE around here as the boys get older. There is a quote from the LDS Prophet Thomas S. Monson that says “If you are still in the process of raising children, be aware that the piles and piles of laundry will disappear all too soon and that you will, to your surprise, miss them profoundly”. I am still raising children but to my surprise I miss the Drift laundry soap and it’s smell, finding the sweet little onsie outfits, those tiny little socks and hand mittens, and fuzzy warm blankets in my laundry. When I first heard the quote from President Monson I laughed and thought “YEAH RIGHT”! Maybe cause Declan( my 3rd child) was a few weeks old and Quentin and Henrik were still potty training.

I love this quote from Princess Leia, a favorite of mine. Maybe because I called  Dave scruffy as a fun, loving name while we were dating. It’s engraved on his wedding.

I have had to sit down and come up with a monthly plan and organize my brain. So many ideas are flowing and I can put pen to paper fast enough! I am so glad I decided to take a finance class the past month. It has helped me understand way more about how to save and budget our money. My time has been putting so much into this new business, but hopefully it will slow down a bit and I will be able to still post about all the other things I love. I keep looking up pictures of New Hampshire in the spring and summer…….so many beautiful scenes are coming and I can’t wait to see these towns come alive.

If you ever have a quote, picture or anything that needs to be created and printed out let me know! I am happy to do custom prints too. I can be reached in person, facebook, instagram, and email. I have ordered supplies and waiting for them to arrive and will let you all know when the shop is officially opened

Hope you enjoy 🙂

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Valentine Fun

Oh my goodness! I am having so much fun creating some fun, simple crafts! I can’t tell you enough how much I love my new silhouette cameo machine, SO GREAT!

This valentine vinyl sticker was fun to create and I just love it. It’s simple and small but I am just getting started. I stuck it on this little glass jar. It’s cute with a candle in it, candy or maybe small short flowers. The ideas are endless!

I made this sticker in red and silver. The silver is hard to see, but still fun!It adds a little something to a decorative table, bookshelf, or side table.

 I love these glitter hearts I found at Walmart for $2.89 for 6 of them. They would work in many different ways. I decided to hang some one the chandelier in the hallway, my pots in the kitchen and the lanterns on the fireplace.

The pots have a gold and a pink heart on each side.

They had the ribbon on them already so, I just cut them at the top and tide them to the chandelier.

This week I will being doing a mirror heart for the hubby, which I totally recommend. It brings a smile to his face and always a good laugh 🙂 Also going to be making the kids valentines too so don’t miss that fun. Hope you enjoyed!

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Address Board

I made one for our home in Saratoga Springs on Key Largo Dr. and I loved it. It gave the house a little something to the curb appeal. It was a board that I put outdoor brown wax on and then spray painted the numbers white. There was a little jar on it to that I filled with candy canes during Christmas and flowers for the other months.

So first I picked out this great green paint. It looks brighter in the pictures then it actually is. It matches the shutters and where the windows pop out. I only did one coat of paint as well.

The N is from Hobby Lobby for 50% off so, it ended up only being a $1. It came black and I liked it so I kept it that color.

The numbers I spray painted them with outdoor spray paint.

This was a fun and east project, simple too! I love how it brings little more character to our home. Enjoy

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Vase wall Hanging

I am very happy with the way this turned out! I went an easier way of doing it but I also think it was worth it. So first you need the materials, which are:

2 boards

wire ( one pack is good)

flowers/plants or even lanterns of your choice.

2 sticky hooks

2 canning jars (if doing flowers/plants)


So first I took the jar and wrapped the wire around it twice, then cutting it.

After I took about 1/3 of the wire and made a loop by twisting it.

After that, I took the rest of the wire and wrapped it around to the other side and made another loop.

Then take whatever wire is left and wrap it around to the back of the jar and twist together tight.

use some needle nose pliers to cut if you have extra or to smooth the end.

Now take another piece of wire and measure over the top of the jar with flowers in side to see the length you will need. Then wrap the ends of that wire around the loops tightly.

Now you want to get your sticky hook and apply it to the wooden board.

Now you’re ready to hang your board on the wall and the jar of flowers

Here I have it hanging on the wall. It’s so simple and pretty, I love it!

My kids were watching Captain Underpants movie so, I couldn’t get a great shot of the two of them beside the t.v. In fact after seeing this picture I feel like the guy face palming, doh!

You could totally add more to this if you wanted to, I personally like things simple but they could be really cute in any home. I have seen this done with lanterns and that is really cute too!

Have fun and I hope you enjoyed!

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Snowflake Boards

OK so these are what I made out of the blue boards. They are actually a  white washed wood and you can get them from Walmart for like $4. I painted them blue because I tried doing some stencil work, but it didn’t work out. I also got these pretty snowflakes from Walmart in the Christmas decor that was 75% off.

After painting the boards blue I used a glue gun and glued the snowflakes on. Waited a few hours after putting a heavy pot on them. That’s it, simple and cute craft.

I love snowflakes not just because they are so beautiful but when Dave and I were dating here wrote me a poem titled Snowflake. It’s very sweet and tells me all about how he feels and how much he loves me. He engraved snowflake on the inside of my wedding ring and at our wedding we had snowflakes everywhere. We were married in February so it worked out to do snowflakes.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this. This is a little video I made explaining what I did. Still getting the hang of making videos and post, but I hope you enjoyed this!


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Blue, White, and Gold Sparkle

This is such a cheap and easy craft and I enjoyed making it. I found the board at Walmart for $2.97. I already had the paint, but bought some brushes for $.98 and the wooden “N” for $1.97. I had the glitter already too.

This is what I used. Plain white and True Navy blue color. These are maybe $2-$3 each, not positive but something like.

So first I did the “N” and just used clear glue. I used a paint brush so brush the glue all over the “N” with a sheet of paper underneath. Then I poured the glitter all over it. Waited an hour to make such it was dry. Then I used a glue gun to glue it onto the blue and white board that I painted while waiting for the “N” to dry. I stacked some heavy books on top and  I had that sit for 2 or 3 hrs.

There you have it, the finished project. Great for anywhere in the house or maybe on the front door. This is going to be going into our bathroom once I get it painted.

Projects don’t have to be long and complicated. Some can be simple.