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Friendly’s and adventures in Concord, NH

Dave had a Athletic Directors meeting in Concord today and Sybil and I decided to tag along. The last time I was in Concord, NH was when we were driving down to Salem, Mass with my parents back in October. The funny thing is the whole morning I kept thinking “I am so excited to go see Concord today, never been there”. After Dave’s meeting he said he wanted to go to a diner kind of place called Friendly’s..”Let’s go to Friendly’s for lunch, where your parents took us”. Yeah, it took me all morning long to realize we had been to Concord, NH before…Hahahaha!

This is the wall inside the Friendly’s diner, old newspaper type pictures and history of the place. It’s not very big either, but the food is good! You can’t go wrong with the Fish n’ Chips, Turkey BLT, or any of their burgers. I love their fries too, crispy on the outside but soft on the inside, YUM!

They have great ice cream as well. Some entree’s come with a sundae or ice cream cone. Kids get to choose fun soda flavors like blue raspberry, cotton candy, and strawberry. This is Sybie showing me the one she wants……she didn’t get it. Her’s was a fudge sundae and she didn’t like the cherry on top 🙂

This is a quick picture of our food. Dave had a burger, me the Turkey BLT, and Sybie has grilled cheese with apple slices. Both times our waitress has been great and prompt. It’s a great place to get a bite to eat!

While Dave was in his meeting Sybie and I found the shopping center. I had to remind Dave after he saw the amount I spent that I really did put most back and only kept a bout 1/4 of what I had 😉 We had fun in Bath and Body, Claire’s, walking the mall and Target (I haven’t been in a Target for almost 3 yrs!!!) Forgot how much I like their stuff, even if I can get it somewhere else.

It was a great afternoon. It was sunny and about 40 degrees. I just wanted to sit outside and soak up that sun! It’s been pretty cloudy most days since we have been in the new house and I find myself getting stir crazy a little more, but glad we could go out and have an adventure today!

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Sugar Hill

This is a little white church here in Sugar Hill, NH. It is the most photographed Church here. People come from all over to get a shot of this beautiful Church and surrounding area. I took this as I was dashing through the woods to meet some friends to go to the Boston LDS Temple for the day. My Mom who is a great photographer played with it and made it beautiful, you dont see the car door or mirror. It was such a beautiful morning and I wish I could have stopped and taken some more photos.

Sugar Hill is a sweet place, literally! There is Polly Pancakes restaurant that has the best pancakes around and yummy maple syrup/maple spread. There is a little store called Harmons Cheese that I love to go in and see what cute little things they have, plus they always have cider donuts covered in sugar for sale too! There is the Sugar Hill Sample Farm that I have not been to but here great things about.

The homes here are so great. Beautiful white colonial homes with dark green shutters, wooden fences, trees and fun decorations. People here in New Hampshire like to put candles in every window and light them at night. Not real ones but they put off such a pretty glow in the window. I think my Mom or someone told me they use to do that back in the colonial period to let others know they had a room for rent or a place to stay for those traveling through.

In the fall the leaves are so beautiful, it’s like they glow. If you ever come to New Hampshire make sure stop by Polly Pancakes for a great breakfast or brunch and see the area of Sugar Hill.

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The Tilton Diner in Tilton, NH

This is a fun place to go out to with the family. Our waitress was good and fun to talk to. I love the different accents you here out in the northeast!

You walk in and you see these t-shirts on the wall that are fun. You also see a giant guitar hanging over the front tables.

The atmosphere here is fun and loud. There is music from the 50’s playing and neon lights everywhere.

This one was right by our table. We sat on the upper level by the milk shake bar, YUM!

This is at the other end of the diner. I love the lights and old time feel.

This was fun hanging over our table, the kids thought it was great!

Up those stairs is were we sat, it wasn’t very crowded but still lots of folks there.

Here is Quentin with his hat the waitress gave him, excited to get some soda 🙂

Henrik having the last bite of our dessert which was mud pie, yummy!

Declan waiting for his Mac and Cheese. They actually call is Baby Mac out here.

As I asked Sybie to pose for a picture she said “No Mom, together”! So we did a selfie.

Thats our food and it was delicious! We will definitely be going again whenever we are in Tilton. They have the outlet mall just across the street so, it wont be hard to miss.


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Darling Hill

I have recently learned that Darling hill up in Burke, VT is named after the Darling family, as in the Darling family in the story Peter Pan. They came here from England and purchased a bunch of land and brought the railroad through this area. I learned this after having dinner at some new friends home. They live right on top of it and have a beautiful home with a breathtaking view.

Most of these pictures are from the drive up to their home. They are a bit blurry because we were driving, and I wish I had a better camera. I love how the snow sticks to the tree branches and creates a winter wonderland.

Someone needs to show me how to edit pictures as well. Something new to learn!

This is so cool to me, to learn of Darling Hill and where the name comes from. As a child my cousin Megan and I loved Peter Pan and would pretend play Peter and Wendy all the time! She had this great Pan hat she got from Disneyland and we always made her little sister Mindy Tinker Bell. We would run around outside pretending to fly, the play house in the basement was Wendy’s house and the jungle gym was Peter’s hideout. So many fun memories!

This is one of the views from our friends home. They live off the grid which sounds kinda fun to me, but in reality I know I couldn’t do it. So much work goes into living off the grid.

Burke is also a great place for skiing, biking and has the most beautiful Farm/Inn called The Mountain View Farm. They have this trail leading out to a hill and as you get to the top of the hill you can see forever, very beautiful!

If you’re ever in Burke, VT remember to stop and see Darling Hill, especially in the fall!

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French Sisters Cafe’

If you are ever visiting Littleton, NH and want a good place for lunch, you have to stop by The French Sisters Cafe’. They have some great soups, sandwichs and lots of yummy desserts to try. We decided to try something new and different ……well for us anyway. So, we ordered the Shrimp Tomato Bisque Soup and Grilled Cheese Sandwich. Ok the sandwich wasn’t anything new to us, but the soup was, especially for my kids! I was afraid they weren’t going to like it.

To my surprise they loved it! It has bite size pieces of shrimp and the bisque was creamy. The kids dipped their sandwiches in and gobbled it all up! We didn’t get to try a dessert cause we were so full, but here in the picture below you can see the end of the counter where the desserts sit. Pies, cakes, cookies, truffles etc. It made my mouth water! The service was great, very nice lady served us and the atmosphere was pretty quite while we were there. 

It’s a great little spot, so stop by and try something new!


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Santa’s Village

This is such a magical place, especially during the month of December. Don’t get me wrong it was cold!! But if you are planning a trip to Jefferson, NH you have got to bring the family here. The rides are fun for both parent and child. They have a great little theater to go in and warm up for a bit with a short 3D film about one of Santa;s elves.They sale these hot chocolate mugs that are refillable at any food court station and it is so worth it to get one. Hot chocolate is the key to keeping warm while waiting in line. Remember to wear winter attire too! Coats, hats, gloves, scarves even snow pants and boots if you have them. The best ride is Santa’s sleigh ride. You hop into a sleigh and above the ground ride around the park as if you were flying in the sleigh like Santa. I recommend doing this ride right as it starts to get dark, all the lights start to turn on and it makes it feel really special. It started snowing the evening we were there and that made it even better. The kids had a blast riding rides, throwing snowballs and their favorite was feeding the reindeer. The barn was very nice and warm. You could feed the reindeer or just pet them. They had reindeer games inside and a little gift shop. This was a fun place and I am sure will be back in the summer to enjoy it too. Christmas in July!


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Christmas Lights in Vermont

If you’re looking for a great family place to see some Christmas lights head over to Sharon, VT to Joseph Smith’s Birth Place. Our church encouraged everyone to go and see the live nativity and lights here to start the Christmas season off right.

We got there a few minutes before 7pm the saturday after Thanksgiving and it was all dark except a few guy directing us where to park. We walked up to the main buildings where everyone had gathered. The Mormon or LDS missionaries did a short devotional and then we all sang Joy to the World. Then they did a live nativity play up on the hill with live animals. Afterwards we did a count down and as we said “one” all the lights around the grounds turned on. It was pretty cool! You are welcome to walk the grounds and see all the lights and they even have hot cider and cider donuts inside for everyone to enjoy (for free). Since we are from Utah our kids said “It’s our temple square away from home” and it was. We moved to New Hampshire this past October (2017) and we were a little homesick, but this cheered us up! We were lucky to have Dave parents visiting us for Thanksgiving and come along. The kids loved it and had a great time running around seeing all the lights. They allowed all the kids to pet the animals as well.

Even if your not religious its great way to start of the Christmas season! Hope you can come and experience this