Family Fun

We are always looking for something new and fun to do with the kids. Indoor or outdoor we love being active and together. This year we are starting out with skiing, ice skating and snow shoeing. Since it has been negative temps here in the White Mountains we are holding off a little bit til we warm up. We are always up for board and card games.  For my two oldest who have birthdays in December we did a combined party with minute to win it games. There was Candy Cane pick up (which is like pick up sticks). With the Oreos you had to put it on your eye and try to get it into your mouth without hands (they really liked that one). They had to stack the cups a certain way, but if they fell before they finished they had to start over. To end they had to carry a chocolate candy on a spoon with out dropping it. I think these games are fun even if its just the family and not a big party.

For Christmas they got some new games to try as well. Kerplunk is so great even for little ones. My little girl who is 3 loved it when all the marbles would drop, so funny! They also got the new Mario Monopoly Gamer. Ok this is way fun and different then the regular Monopoly game. You can get other gamer pieces and create so much fun with this game. Not one for smaller kids. They need to at least be able to do simple math.

Image result for mario monopoly gamer

We also got some great card games from my sister and her family. They are big on games and we miss having game night with them! There is Qwixxs, Farkle, and Story Cubes. We haven’t tried story cubes yet, but you know we will and I will let you know!

If you haven’t tried Dominion yet, you need to!! This game is interactive and competitive. We like to play with our three oldest (the boys) but its so much more fun with a group of adults. In the past we had a big group of friends and neighbors that would get together once a month and have a game night. We would bring games and a treat to share. Always a blast!!!! Everyone laughed and had a great time. It’s a great way to get to know people too. There is always the fun games like Apples to Apples, Curses, Pictionary, Pie Face, or Speak out that help break the ice when playing with new people. Whatever game it is and whoever your playing with have fun and learn something new!

Dave and Henrik playing Qwixxs with me.