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Santa’s Village



If you are ever in Jefferson, NH you have got to visit Santa’s Village. It is a magical place, especially if you go during December. The rides are fun for both child and adult and all you can drink hot cocoa when you purchase a mug at one of the little cafe’ they have. But it will be cold in December so, make sure you bundle up! Coats, hats, gloves, boots, even snow pants if you have them. I think the best part f our visit there was just about 4pm we were getting on Santa’s sleigh ride and it started to snow. All the Christmas lights starting coming on and as you go through this ride you are up in the air slowly going through trees all around the park and it is just magical. We ate the burger place and the food wasn’t terribly priced and tasted pretty good. They have a little theater you can go in and warm up as you watch a short 3D film about one of Santa’s elf. After all the rides we decided to go over to the barn and feed the reindeer. It was so fun inside!!! They had 8 reindeer in a stall and their names displayed above them. Very nice and well taken care of building and of the animals. We sat and feed them crackers that you can purchase for like $2 each, but you could also just sit and pet them too. They have a little gifts shop in the barn and some reindeer games for the kids to play.  They also have punch cards you can get at the Elf school that you go around and find each elf for each letter in the alphabet. My kids loved searching and finding them!

This is such a great family place and we enjoyed it very much. It might become a Christmas tradition for my family.